Why Veganism?

So the main question I am being asked is why become Vegan?

The most obvious answer is because I want to. Every Vegan has their own personal reasons. I have many reasons to become Vegan. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

I love animals and I can not stand cruelty whether it is to a human or an animal. I do not want to contribute to the cruelty and suffering of the animals that are being slaughtered and exploited for food. This is the main reason that I stopped eating meat in the beginning. I don’t like the way they are being treated and I don’t like how they are being slaughtered.

I also feel as humans that we need to show compassion for all living things, that also includes the environment and Planet Earth as a whole. In the last couple of years I have tried reduce my impact on the planet, becoming Vegan is another way of achieving that. Vegans are less demanding on the land as they live on a plant based diet, rather than on farmed animals that use up more land.

The last main reason is that the Vegan diet is healthier, I hope to live a long healthy life and I am not 100% there yet. I hope to continue the rest of my life in a more compassionate way.

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