The First Day

Day one of my Vegan journey didn’t go quite as I had expected. We decided the day before to go to Lauriston Castle, upon doing my research I found that they didn’t have their own café but there were pubs and a few places close by. We planned to get some picnic bits near the Castle and head along to the Gardens.

We headed to Boots, which had no food or snacks there so we had a look in the Off Licence next door. There was a shocking lack of Vegan there, I found a packet of crisps and a box of Nakd bars that were Vegan.

As we started to head towards the Castle it started to downpour, so we decided to take a bus from Davidson Mains to the Gyle Centre and I managed to get a Soya Latte from Costa.

I learnt from this experience to plan my food better and to take my own with me. I didn’t expect the choice to be large but at least something should be in each shop. I won’t be resting on my laurels next time.

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