Henderson’s Vegan

In Edinburgh, Henderson’s are a Vegetarian restaurant, they have a cafe at St. Johns, a restaurant and shop in Hanover Street and a Bistro in Thistle Street. In July 2015 Henderson’s Bistro was refurbished to become Henderson’s Vegan. I am a big fan of Henderson’s overall. As a vegetarian Henderson’s have been my go to restaurant, my Christmas meal was from Henderson’s.

When I found out that they were reopening and being re-branded as Vegan I was delighted, as Henderson’s Vegan is the first Vegan restaurant of it’s kind in Edinburgh. I couldn’t wait to try the food, some of their dishes are Gluten Free as well.

Although the layout of the restaurant hadn’t changed, the décor was different and had a warm and homely feel to it. The restaurant is a small and busy place so booking a table is recommended. The staff are friendly and welcoming.

I was delighted to have Gluten Free Garlic Bread for a starter. The Garlic bread was served with parsley. For the main I decided to have the Vegan Haggis. The Haggis was served on a plate of gravy and mashed potato. The Haggis was made of lentils, kidney beans, mushrooms and seasoned with spices and onion gravy. The Haggis was full of flavour but was incredibly filling but that didn’t stop me from finishing it.

My partner had the Roast Pepper Hummus on oatcakes for a starter, we both shared each other’s starter. For the main meal he had the Bean Burgher with Nachos and Salsa.

It felt strange going to a Vegan restaurant and not have to check if it was Vegan or if I would have to compromise on what I could have. It was great to be in a “safe” place where I could have a vegan glass of wine and be able to relax. It was an enjoyable experience and I would go there again and try the lunch menu.IMG_2456Veggie HaggisHummus StarterBean Burger with Salsa

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