Leeds – A Vegan Adventure

I am officially into my third month of being Vegan. October was an interesting month.

As I had started my new job in September we were sent to Leeds for training a few weeks later. Being away from home and out of my comfort zone I was quite anxious about whether being Vegan would become an issue as we would be eating out a lot.

In Leeds I didn’t have an issue with finding Vegan food. There were a few shops opposite the Office we had our training in. There was a Morrison’s and a Pret A Manger. I found Morrison’s extremely disappointing food wise. I could find crisps, fruit but the sandwiches and wraps were disappointing. Everything that was labelled Vegetarian had cheese in it.

So I found good food in my trusty Pret. I have been caught out with Pret a few times, the sign for Vegan is very similar to the Veggie sign and I have brought food that I couldn’t have before. This time I was more aware. I managed to find some food, there was at least one item.

With lunch basically sorted, our Breakfast already paid for (although I had to buy Soya Milk for the cereal), dinner was the next step. Our hotel was a basic Ibis Budget hotel and didn’t serve dinner. Thankfully it was only a 15 minute walk to the City Centre where we were able to find a lot of chain restaurants.

The first evening we went to TGI Fridays, I wasn’t sure if I was able to have anything on the menu but the waiter reassured me the Veggie burger was Vegan if I didn’t have cheese on it. It came out with Mayonnaise in a pot that I couldn’t use. I enjoyed the burger it was really nice and came with a large portion of chips and salad.

The second evening was a trip to Handmade Burger Co. This was in the same area that we found TGI Fridays. I had discovered that one of my colleagues who worked in Leeds was Vegan by pure accident and he recommended this place. There were about four options on the menu and I struggled to make a decision. But being really hungry I went for the Sweet potato and Chickpea burger which was amazing.

Overall I enjoyed the trip, I found it very interesting and I got to bond with my new work colleagues. Once again I have been really touched by how accepting my work colleagues have been. They have been very supportive and have made sure that there was a restaurant so that I could have a meal with them.

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