Mistakes and Lessons Learned!

Time flies so fast. I cannot believe it is February already. I am sorry for the being quiet on this blog. The first month of the year was spent mostly wedding planning.

Christmas Day was very quiet, although it feels a lifetime away. The best part of being on a Vegan diet was I didn’t over eat. Whereas everyone else was on diets in the New Year after gaining weight from over eating at Christmas, I did not have this problem. There was very little temptation, no sweets lying around for me to eat. If I had been more organised I would have done more research into treats. I managed to source a good Christmas pudding from the Co-op and Soya Cream from Alpro. The only problem was there wasn’t enough of it.

January was also a very quiet month. We decided to celebrate Burns Night, twice. The first was a rehearsal, I managed to source a Vegan haggis from Asda. After buying potatoes and ready-made neeps I was ready to cook. I had however made a small error. I had completely forgot that ready-made “mash” contained milk. It wasn’t until I had taken the container out of the oven that I realised.

So I only had Haggis and Tatties!

The second try was more successful, I managed to find a ready-made Vegan Haggis, Neeps and Tatties without milk. This was on the night itself so to get it right second time on the evening itself made it more special.

3 thoughts on “Mistakes and Lessons Learned!

  1. Yes! That’s such a great thing about being vegan, isn’t it? There’s no temptation during the holidays or when people bring treats to work, etc. because most of the time it’s not anything we can eat anyway. I’ve found that it’s actually much easier to just wipe out an entire category of food from my diet than to try to eat “bad” things in moderation.

    But no worries, we’ve all had our share of mistakes! It’s amazing how many things contain hidden or unexpected animal products.

    Nice blog! 🙂

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