The Vegan Quarter

The Vegan Quarter is a monthly market that is on the first Saturday of each month. March’s market was the first Vegan Quarter. I heard about this event a few weeks ago via a Facebook event. I am open to new products. I also think it is really important to support small and local businesses. I was really excited about this event.

I am not a great morning person. I arrived at midday, two hours after the market had opened and the market was already really busy. A few of the traders were already sold out. A few stalls had long queues. Unfortunately the vendors expected the market to be busy and I think they weren’t prepared for it.

Market 1


As I wandered around the market I noticed that some of the popular vegan businesses were there. Henderson’s of Edinburgh were serving lunch, Missy’s Vegan cupcakes were there (but sold out) and SGAIA were also there (including the queue). I also discovered considerate and their vegan Cream Eggs. I had heard that someone was making them so it was good to go and purchase some of their products – I brought three Cream Eggs (and ate one in the SGAIA queue – oops!) and some chocolate spoons! From SGAIA I also brought two burgers and a “steak”.

I stopped by the Henderson’s stall and purchased lunch – Sweet Potato Fritters and a small salad. I sat at one of the tables where I was really hoping it wouldn’t rain into my lunch as the clouds grew dark over the sunshine! It was amazing to be around fellow vegans and hearing the phrase “is this vegan?” a phrase I am known to ask. I people watched for a while and then continued browsing the stalls.


It was interesting to see the different stalls and that there were meat stalls in addition to the vegan stalls. I also noticed that the meat stalls weren’t as busy as the vegan ones, which made me feel rather proud.

I stayed at the market for two hours. For a first Vegan quarter I think it was a success and the stalls that were sold out early on will be able to come back with more stock! The next one is the 2nd April at Dock Place, Leith. I can’t wait to see what is there!

Market Haul

My Haul 🙂

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