Ethical Voice for Animals

I had the pleasure of meeting the ladies of the EVA – also known as the Ethical Voice for Animals on Saturday. It was a warm Saturday afternoon and the centre of Edinburgh was busy. The members of the EVA hold a weekly stall every Saturday on the East End of Princes Street, this is weather permitting of course as Scottish weather can be really unpredictable.



I wanted to meet them and get an idea of what they do. Whilst I was at the stall they were offering free cake in exchange of a few minutes of the members of the publics’ time, where they were shown videos displaying graphic images of examples of animal cruelty. Once the video was watched they were asked what they thought of it and given free cake donated by Missy’s Vegan Cupcakes. I think this was quite an effective form of campaigning. Also the public volunteered to see the graphic images.




The EVA was started six years and they have five members who set up stalls that display leaflets from different animal charities. They are based in Edinburgh. Their main goal is to raise awareness of the animal cruelty that is involved in animal exploitation.


It is not just veganism that they promote, they also campaign against zoo’s, animal testing, climate change, circuses, horse racing cruelty, the dog meat trade in Asia, Leather and Faux fur. They have many more campaigns that you can see on their website.

They also have a lot of information on how to live a cruelty free life, most of the leaflets on the stall are miniature cookbooks. On the website there are also recommendations for cookbooks and there is a cruelty free guide and also a complete nutrition guide which is very helpful.

They raise funds to buy more leaflets for their stall and also to donate to the animal charities that they support. Charities that they support are CAPS (Captive Animals Protection Society), Animal Aid, Scotland for Animals, VIVA!  – Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, PETA, Hillside Animal Sanctuary and CAFT – Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade. They have one particular campaign and that is against the farming of prawns.


We had a discussion about the increase in popularity of veganism. We highlighted how easy it is to become vegan and live a cruelty free life.


In addition to the weekly stall, the EVA have a monthly demonstration outside of Harvey Nichols where they campaign against the Fur Trade. They have also held demonstrations last year to campaign against Climate Change.

There is also a demonstration planned for Easter Monday outside Edinburgh Zoo.

The EVA’s style of activism is a very traditional style.It is important to have regular conversations with people and this style is perfect for that. I was inspired by the enthusiasm and determination that the ladies of the EVA had to encourage change in the world. Their dedication and strength really impressed me.

You can check out their website here

Follow them on Facebook here


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