Edinburgh Comic Con & Conpulsion

Edinburgh Comic Con

I have been experiencing a lot of different things lately, mainly not vegan related. This month has been mainly a geeky month. At the beginning of the month I went to Edinburgh Comic Con and then later on in the month to Conpulsion.

Edinburgh Comic Con is held at the EICC, in Morrison Street. It is a weekend event with seminars, stalls, displays and a Cosplay competition. We had a few things wedding related to do on the Saturday and by the time we had finished everything we needed to do it was too late to go to Comic Con.

We decided to go on the Sunday, I made the decision to eat at home. I was very glad that I did, as there was nothing I could have that was vegan. The Con itself was amazing and it was huge. There were cosplayers everywhere. I am a huge Dr Who fan so when I got to talk to a Dalek it was amazing. I also got to and jump in the Tardis (it’s bigger than it looks).

I got to meet briefly with my friend Mad Munchkin and buy one of her amazing prints.


The next weekend was spent at Conpulsion. Conpulsion is a gaming convention which covers Role Playing Games, Board Games, LARP (Live Action Role Play), Card Games and Tabletop Miniature / War Games. This is held every year at Teviot House in Bistro Square.

After looking at the stalls and trying to decide what to buy I decided on getting coffee. I found quickly the café in the Student Union caters to vegans and I ordered a Soya Café Latte. After catching up with friends I decided upon watching a Seminar about Sword Fighting. This was very interesting and sadly not very full with just myself and three other people.

I also added to my collection of Love Letter, the Legend of the Five Rings edition. So far, I now have the original edition and Batman edition.

I was more successful in finding food, Teviot House is very close to two food places I love, one being the Auld Hoose and Illegal Jacks. I know there are more restaurants nearby such as Kalpna and the Mosque Kitchen to name a few. We took a trip to Illegal Jacks on Patrick Square where on Instagram I got certified as a “Jack a holic” by Illegal Jack’s themselves.

Later in the afternoon I stopped again for coffee and a cake – where I found a vegan carrot cupcake at the Student Union café. This was heaven and the cake was so light. It had been ages since I had cake. I was very impressed.

It was a good weekend and I got to catch up with friends and get my “Geek on”.

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