A Partial Vegan Wedding.

I married my love back in August. Although my husband is not vegan and he is an omnivore. He mainly eats vegan at home and doesn’t drink milk. When we eat out he eats meat and that is his choice and I respect it.

The Food

We wanted our wedding to reflect both of our personalities so this wedding was not going to be fully vegan.

When looking for venues back in 2015 we did not have a problem when asking if they catered for vegans. Most venues were happy to offer vegan food and to cater for people with allergies and intolerances.

We chose the Ghillie-Dhu.

Our venue were amazing, before paying our deposit we met with the Head Chef who is an ex Michelin star chef. He brought a lot of ideas for our menu and we had the freedom to choose what food that we wanted. We left the meeting satisfied that our needs would be met.

We had a lot of fun at our tasting, the food was delicious. We enjoyed tasting the wine and the Prosecco and were rather full and slightly tipsy. We knew that we had made the right choice.

The Menu

Parsnip soup with chilli oil

Haggis and mashed potato

Chocolate cheesecake

The Cake

Our cake was by the amazing Sugar Daddy’s Edinburgh. I have been a fan of their Gluten Free cakes and I was delighted when I discovered that some of their cakes were vegan. I really enjoyed the cake tasting, this was the best part of the planning process was tasting the cake and the food. We had several flavours of cake and icing in little pots.

We opted with white icing a red dripping. Admittedly it looked like we had murdered someone as we found a skull candy cake topper.


Photograph: Courtesy of Keith Edwards

The Dress

I wanted my dress to be special. I tried on many white dresses but it didn’t feel right. I wanted to try a dress with colour. After sending many emails to local wedding dress shops I found one in Broxburn. I had also explored the idea of having a black and white dress.

It was first dress that I tried on and I loved it. I felt so special wearing it and I felt like a bride. I tried on two other dresses and they just didn’t compare. My purple wedding dress was made out of taffeta with a satin mix. My dressmaker made a belt to match the dress and I added a black veil.

I felt like a Gothic princess bride.

Advice for Brides and Grooms-to be

 To all future Brides and Grooms to be I would say that any type of wedding is possible. There was an article recently where the Mother of the Bride put on the invitations that the food was going to be vegan. The Bride was upset to find out that a lot of people wouldn’t come to wedding if the food was going to be vegan. You can read the article here

I feel on your big day you should have the people that you love and who also love you for who you are. Although being vegan is a life choice it becomes part of who you are and your personality. If people won’t attend a wedding because of the food I would feel that they are missing out on your special day. If they cannot respect your beliefs for one day why would you want them to share your special day? It is one day after all.

Enjoy planning your wedding day, have fun with creating it and invite who you want at your wedding. It’s your day and nothing else matters.

Photograph Courtesy of Iris Art PhotographyM&P0235.JPG

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