Five reasons why I love my Vegan lifestyle.

I have been living a vegan lifestyle for almost 18 months and it has been quite a journey.. I aim to live a happy lifestyle with a positive outlook.

I have found that being Vegan has been very easy and the transition from vegetarianism and veganism was quite smooth, there were some small hiccups here and there but overall I have loved every minute.


I love eating and I am a real foodie. Although I still haven’t tried everything I love discovering new food. Last week I tried Jackfruit for the first time. Jackfruit is used as a Pulled Pork substitute, having not tried Pulled Pork before I don’t know how it compared but I enjoy my meal and it delicious.

I love discovering new restaurants, I do have my favourites but I love trying new food and new locations.


I have met so many lovely new people, mainly through writing this blog and attending meet ups and events. My blog has forced me to go out and meet fellow vegans. Everyone has been so warm and welcoming. It has been the most pleasant part of the journey, apart from the food of course!

I have also rekindled existing friendships, with people who I did not know were vegan! We have bonded over food and our passion for animal rights.

A few of my existing friends have also taken the decision to transition to a vegan or vegetarian diet since I transitioned myself. Veganism has become more popular as it is more in the public eye in the last few years. It has been made people think about their lifestyle choices.

Animal Connections

I feel that I have a better connection with the animals. It may sound weird but I feel the animals can sense the love that I feel for them. It’s like they can sense that I am vegan.

I have been approached by animals, dogs whose owners say that their pet is quite shy and timid come up and say hello. I have had some fabulous animal loving in the last 18 months.

I would like to have a deeper connection with non domestic animals and I will make a point of visiting animal sanctuaries to achieve this. I understand that the animals will have to approach me as it is their home where need to live on their own terms.


It is possible to live a fully vegan lifestyle whilst travelling. It is much easier thanks to apps such as Happy Cow. Although there are still some countries that do not understand veganism but this is not the reason not to travel.

A Clear Conscience

I am a much happier person now, knowing that I am no longer contributing to the horrific cruelty that is imposed on the animals and the damage to the Planet.

Every meal I eat is digested much easier in the knowledge that my food doesn’t contain hormones, pus and blood. My food didn’t scream before it was killed.

It makes me so happy that my food didn’t cause any suffering to another living being.

There are any aspects of veganism that I love. The movement is growing and can only get better and better.


Vegan Kit

Go Vegan Scotland

Happy Cow

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