Go Vegan Scotland

Back in May last year, I got the pleasure of visiting the Go Vegan Information Stall.

Go Vegan Scotland (or GVS) is a non-profit grassroots volunteer group to help promote veganism in Scotland started by sisters Barbara and Susan. Go Vegan Scotland started in 2015 and were originally called Vegan Billboard. Vegan Billboard started a Go Fund Me page to put up Billboards that promote veganism – in a short space of time they have funded two Billboards – two in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh at Colinton Tesco.

Go Vegan Scotland aims to promote veganism in a positive way through education, advocacy and information sharing. The main method is by the Information stall. I have always felt that veganism should be talked about in an open and honest way. The Information stall achieves that by encouraging the conversations in the general public. The Information Stall also offers vegan food and drink for the public to try to display the fact that being vegan is easy as most products are available in the supermarkets.

Another method is by using Social Media with websites such as Facebook, Instagram. I have found the sharing of information really helpful. On their Facebook page, Go Vegan Scotland post pictures of food items that are suitable for vegans.

When you first transition to a vegan diet, there is a small element of doubt of what you are putting into your trolley is vegan or not. So being able to refer back to something like this is amazing.

The stall is held once or twice a month and has been held in Sauciehall Street, Glasgow and The Mound, Edinburgh. I was lucky enough to meet the amazing people who are a part of this. You won’t miss them as they always construct a Gazebo and a pop up tent. This is to protect them from the unpredictable Scottish weather. The stall consists of samples of vegan cheeses, milks and vegan baking.

Several months later Go Vegan Scotland have expanded! I met them at VegFest Scotland and I could barely speak to them. The stall was surrounded by people. They have also branched out into selling merchandise where I purchased a hat.

Veganism is growing in popularity. More and more people are aware of veganism and are making the connection. Go Vegan Scotland is proving a great support for those who are interested in transitioning into veganism.

You can read more about Go Vegan Scotland here and donate to their campaign here.

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