A Vegan Month

The first of October marked my first month as being Vegan. I am a third the way through this challenge. Last week I started a new jobs and had the task to find lunch, although I aim to bring my own food I decided to venture out and try the local cafes and sandwich places.

My second day I ventured to Pret a Manager where I found their South Indian Tomato & Spice soup that was marked Vegan. It was a really nice soup, a little bit too spicy for me but it was a start.

On the Friday as a treat I ventured to Henderson’s, which is literally a two minute walk from my work. I had a Vegan Coleslaw wrap which was delicious with a carton of Chocolate Soya Milk.

My new work colleagues are lovely and on the cake run one of girls tried to find me a Vegan Gluten Free cake bless her but didn’t find one at the bakery. I was touched that she had made the effort. So far I am enjoying my new job.

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